2BG has been around for about 6 or so years and have survived the test of time and even internal changes within their group over the years. It goes without saying but the first 2BG girl Rutendo left a lot to be desired as a singer (no pun intended) and her replacement Diana Samkange is by far the better singer which has seen the groups songs improve by a great deal. Now that ive let that off my chest lets go ahead with the review 🙂

Wandizadzisa is 2BGs third album and is produced by TBA The Playboy under Chigutiro Records. This album starts off with the subtle Ndibate which is a good song and is as expected, a love song. Not that i have anything against love songs but it has become a bit too easy to predict what most urban groovers will give us lyrically. On the other hand its hard to imagine that they could sing about much else really. Chandaida is stereotypically inclined to the urban sound that was very popular around 2004 with the introduction of Chamhembe which shook the music scene. The song is rather enjoyable and would easily become a radio hit. I think that these three make a good group with an understanding not many would have that is required to make such songs together.

My gem on this album is Basa Rangu which talks about singing being the job they do. The trio tells all the listeners that nomatter what job you do as long as you accept what you do and love doing it then you have done what you are meant to. The song is so well done and is almost like a sing along. I also like the fact that it gives a new edge to the lyrical content of the group. The remake of their earlier hit Famba Zvakanaka was just brilliant, remixes do not come any better i tell you! The song was slowed down and the instrumentation was pure and very artistic. I fell in love with this song. The first version was good (maybe ok) for its day but this one is brilliant. This is one of the few times i agree with remaking your own song years on after the initial effort. I must say the trio has improved overall, their second album was mostly produced by TBA, Take 5ive and Roki and had a bit more versatility with a more party type influence. This time around they slow things down and try to do more ballads that would be good if you are relaxing at home maybe taking a drive in your car.

A lot of the songs have the acoustic guitar and i appreciate what the current crop of urban artists are trying to do in involving as many live instruments as they can to enhance their sound. It is a good step towards countrywide acceptance as a genre for anoe and the future. 2BG leave little to fault on this offering. Both Bloodshow and Kevin Ashley have matured as the years have unfolded. This group remains in the game as one of the groups to beat with Wandizadzisa. Other songs that make this album tick are Chiedza, Pandimire and Tsvarakadenga.

Cover Art – 1/10 (As bad as Stunner’s cover if not worse)
Music – 7/10
Mixing and Mastering – 6/10
‘I Like’ Factor – 6/10

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