I haven’t written a review on a female artist in a few months and nothing better than an exciting new voice that has the potential to blow up beyond expectation. Cherish Bryce is potentially the most exciting female artist on the Radio Kunakirwa podcasts right now and at the writing of this review she sits at a healthy Number 2 on the Kunakirwa Top 12 with Ndiwe featuring Gregory & Tpie. The Birth of Cherish Bryce is the debut from this 20 year old rising star.

The Cherish Bryce journey to success began outside Zimbabwe and she is already a household name in countries like Malawi and Tanzania despite being 100% Zimbo. I will open up with the song that is currently doing the damage, Ndiwe. This song had a solid RnB sound that is so undeniably Zimbabwean with the use of ethic instruments to bring it closer to home. Cherish, Gregory and Tpie effectively use Shona, Ndebele and English to give us one of the best love songs we have come across this year. I won’t give much on it, refer to the podcasts and have a listen for yourselves. Dreams ranks as one song that is a favourite with all of us at Radio Kunakirwa. It is an amazing RnB love song that could make any man cringe with some seriously inviting lyrics sung by a very sweet voice. She claims she can make dreams come true and though the lyrics are ‘subtly’ sexually inclined i still enjoyed the song. I nominate it for the best song she has done, ever.

I was surprised by the song Voku which took a completely different tangent from what i thought she was all about. She sings about what makes Africa what it is and this is a very mature track that crosses many barriers with an excellent execution and delivery. Come to think of it this song really deserves to be among one of the World Cup songs. The young lady can switch the tempo right up to songs like On the Dancefloor featuring Gadjet and Cuz as well as the dancehall banger We Go Hard. These guys at Bryce Music are going hard for sure. On We Go Hard, Cherish sings about how they are the new defition of what the word hard is and if there ever was a dancehall song to light up a dull party this one is it. I can imagine it being played in a club setting with the crowd singing along. I also liked the experiment with the kizomba zouk style on Crush which i reckon would get a lot of teens going crazy especially at the stage where infatuation is prevalent. I would like to hear the reception of this song in countries like Mozambique, Angola and Cape Verde Islands where this style of music is truly appreciated. Haunting Me is a song about heartbreak when a couple has broken up and the party responsible for the outcome is now realising the depth of their mistake. The social commentary on a cheating partner will strike a chord with many people out there given that infidelity is a hot topic in our day to day.

I really could go on about all the tracks on this album but i will save it for you to get yourselves copies. Other songs to look out for are Searching and Fire In The Freezer. I will will definitely make it known that this is the best RnB album i have heard from Zim this year. I listened to it from start to finish without as much as a second skipped and it rates highly as an amazing debut from a talented young lady. I usually have low points to point out and concerning Cherish, the sexual nature of some of her lyrics leaves you wondering since she is only but 20 years old. The maturiy of those lyrics doesn’t quite fit her voice at times giving it a rather ironic incline. This girl holds her own be it collabos or solo on a track she has what it takes to make hits and be a star. Other than that, producer, Ahsyan the Beatmaker is one of the very best in Zimbabwe right now and he brings out the best in Cherish. One word: Impressive! 

Cover Art – 5/10
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 8/10
‘I Like’ factor – 8/10

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