The Zimbabwean gospel music scene is awash with talent and i have always stated that fact time and again. Last year i was tuned in to one of the Zim internet radio stations and heard a song that simply blew me away. It prompted me to look for it and just my luck because i found it and at the same time discovered a brilliant artist at that. The name ‘Danayi Murapa’ may not ring a bell to most of you but let that not deter you from taking a listen to what she has to offer. 

The intro is beautiful with lovely instrumentation as well as the singing. It is an invitation for everyone to call on to the Lord through all situations. I wish it was a longer into though, being only a minute. Ndichengetei is a mellow gospel groove with that distinct gospel sound we have come to expect over the years. The formula simply works and it will sit well with many a gospel fan or music fan in general. She asks for God’s guidance in this journey of life as there are many hurdles along the way. Munerudo, the title track is stuff legends are made of. This is the song that prompted me to try and find out who Danayi Murapa is. Sabastian Magacha makes an appearance on this beautiful piece and the 2 artists complement each other with such conviction. Mukoma Saba vanomira mira hama dzangu! To tell you the truth i have no idea why this song has not yet made the charts in Zimbabwe because it is excellent. I like how it is listenable across all ages at the same time carrying a relevant message. This is as good as gospel music gets! I noted that the final album version is slightly different from the initial version that circulated a few months back. It still sounds great regardless.

Another lovely cut from this album is Zorora featuring Tembalami. This is pure ‘feel good’ gospel music and i found myself singing along and dancing. Munerudo is still my favourite but Zorora is a close second. The artists sing of God’s goodness and his deliverance from those tiresome tribulations. Well done to Tembalami, i would like to hear what his music sounds like. This one is joining Munerudo on my iPod, no questions asked. Upon giving this album a listen one thing stood out, the uniform quality from start to finish. Kudos to you Danayi, this is top notch stuff. It was great to listen and connect with the effort put into this album. The other 2 songs, Ndapererwa featuring the very beautiful Petronella Gobvu and Zarura are quite good. Danayi’s voice is unique and she uses it well, she knows her vocal abilities which is essential for success as an artist.

The only downside to this album for me was the fact that of the 7 tracks, one is a minute long intro and another an instrumental which leaves it down to 5 songs. I am not a fan of albums that are either too short or too long. Next time i would love to hear 8-12 tracks, i really think that is something artists need to consider for their fans and in Danayi’s case she has already proved she can be versatile so why not give us more? All in all this album is brilliant, a must hear especially for those inclined to gospel music. Recommended if you are into artists like Sabastian Magacha, Taurai Gorden Nzira and Bethan Pasinawako. Please do not hesitate to get a copy!

You can buy the album here: 

Cover Art – 7/10 (beautiful)
Music – 7/10
Technical Sound – 7.5/10
‘I Like’ Factor – 8/10 (really love her work)

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