The name ‘Eloi’ might not ring a bell but i am sure that is set to change. I really do feel that gospel music is so vibrant at the moment and the talent Zimbabwe possesses is something we all ought to be proud of. It’s not all about the ‘household’ names either. The debut from Eloi Manjoro is called In God’s Love and it reveals some amazing versatility in our gospel music industry. Despite the fact that it came to our attention nearly 2 years after it was produced, it is timeless.

The album opens up with a very interesting intro. You can tell the quality straight away, a lot of work was put into this project. The Stream is a lovely piece with some interesting backing vocals that would strike a chord with most church goers. I could not help but notice the way the singers compliment each other which made me think that they must have been singing together for a while. Eloi leads the song and does it so well. It is about thanking God for his blessings. The song If JC Ain’t in The House featuring Soosh and Priestly has a mid tempo dancehall vibe. The vocal team just does wonders here from the singing to the rapping. Besides the uplifting message this kind of music is well worth marketing internationally and would represent us so very well.

As i listened i began to connect with Eloi’s music being more of a fusion between mainly RnB and dancehall. It sits very well with a young, vibrant listener who finds pride in the good word. You will find yourself vibing to songs like Amen. The melody is really groovy and picks up the tempo and the female lead does justice to this track. Add to that, the chorus is very much an easy sing along. One of the best tracks on this album. In that category of some of the finest music on this album is Everlasting Love. I would not be far off by saying this tracks calms your heart. It is beautifully contsructed. 

This album is one that should not be overlooked. From start to finish all the tracks are well worth listening and over different aspects of good musical composition. Other songs to watch out for are Hey Wena and Jesu Ndewangu. I would recommend this album to you all. Get your self a copy!

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Cover Art – 6/10
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 8/10
‘I Like’ factor – 7/10

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