I appreciate it when i manage to come across talented youngsters because it reminds me that we have much to give in world music. Pharaye is a fairly young gospel artist who is set to do big things. This 21 year old young man is one to watch out for. I thought Beautifully Learnt was his debut but he actually has a previous album released in 2006 called I Take A Moment.

The title track, Beautifully Learnt, is amazing, from the production right through to the singing. It features another talented artists, a lady called Sharon Rose. Props to the E-Monie on production because this work is phenomenal. The song is about how God is always there, at ALL times. It really reminds me of how i was taught how to count on God no matter the situation. It is truly something that is beautifuly learnt when you know you can depend unconditionally. A very fitting title track. Point of View features E-Monie and Sharon Rose and the instrumental just makes you want to get up and dance. Having said that, the man talks about some heartbreaking things like losing his mother and living a difficult life. This is where Jesus came in and changed his point of view on life so he is celebrating that. It’s a fresh sounding song but with such a mature topic. One of my favourite on this EP.

For Your Love is a gem. It is an RnB sounding track about how His love shines every day. Pharaye focuses on how our imperfections are no reason for God to disown us. In knowing that noone is perfect, we still have a chance to be better people and strive for perfection. I think this one can be a sing along for years to come. I like Rydmptn as well and again the production is top notch. That bouncy RnB flavour makes his brand of gospel so much better. I can relate to it on many levels. Every song is worth a listen. I really would have hoped he included more tracks but that takes nothing away from the amazing quality and high standard of professionalism on this offering. Also watch out for Shower Down… the song is phenomenal!

This is gospel music with a difference. This album is highly recommended if you like RnB and especially the younger Christians out there, this will get you going and that is a promise! Pharaye, you are a star, keep it up!

Cover Art – 5/10
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 7/10
‘I Like’ Factor – 7/10

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