It is always great to see more ladies stepping up within the music industry and making some good progress. Cynthia Mare is no exception and could possibly become one of the biggest Zimbabwean stars in and out of the country. There are many reasons to that some of which I have mathematically penned to my understanding:

Talent^2 + Hard Work + (Beauty x 2) = Success

Happy is Cynthia’s Debut album and it stems her as one of the leading female vocalists Zimbabwe has. This album is within the same R’n’B genre like Cindy Raw only with far superior production and a little more inclined to the English side of lyrics. The lady has been doing music for about 8 years now and it’s easy to tell how confident she is behind the microphone. The title track Happy is smooth and I enjoy the guitar lead with the well-produced sound overall. It is a love song about being in love and happy. As sweet as songs come and I see many lovers dedicating this song to each other to the satisfaction of the better half. To top that I hear @ PowerFM the song is getting heavy rotation.

The album is smooth to say the least and will provide a good listen while you are relaxing, maybe on a Sunday and probably best when enjoying some time with people you care about. Mama is definitely a gem and has 2 versions. The slow version is beautiful and I simply marvel at the piano playing skills all over this song. I prefer this one to the mid-tempo one which is also very good. It talks about a mother’s love and her Mum should be proud because this is one well-thought song and she sang it from the heart. I think Satisfied has to be one of the songs of the album and it is also doing well on the charts and the lady made a lovely video for it (YouTube my good people, get clicking). My winner, however, is Ndochema. With lyrics like ‘Huya undinyaradze babie, pukuta misodzi yangu, ndiudze kuti unondida…’ What a song. Ini ndikaimbirwa newangu ndoenda ndichimhanya veduwe-e. Watch out for the song Stimulate You which Cynthia produced herself, great stuff!

I can’t find much fault on this album. The standard is amazing, great versatility and I would not have it any other way. This doesn’t mean it is the ultimate album because she can definitely do even better, I’m sure but I can’t take away the credit due. It as a very good offering and she is set to inspire many many young girls out there to chase their dream. Cynthia is doing great things for the industry and she is taking over takatarisa.

Listen to her songs @

Cover Art – 8/10 (I’m a guy. Nuff said)
Music – 6/10
Mixing & Mastering – 7/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 6/10


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