My first experience with these guys from Masvingo was on Channel O & MTVBaseAfrica where their video was on the charts being played at least once a day. Definitely it was quite an achievement because that kind of exposure around Africa is priceless and will go a very long way. This prompted me to search high and low for their album which I found in one of the local record stores. It’s good to see new names coming up in the music industry, we the listeners NEED it.

I can describe the music on the album, In the Beginning, as Zimbabwean commercial dancehall (a subset of Urban Grooves if you wish). For this album they seem to have taken a chunk from Richie Stevens especially on the song That Lady. It is a catchy tune where B-Kay & Kazz sang well and I’m sure many people will fall in love with it. The song everyone has been talking about is Ndikati Hello featuring Decibel. It’s a song about the joys of meeting the most beautiful people at parties and the chorus is such an easy sing along. This song is most likely what has made this album sell like hot cakes. The song has graced many Zimbabwean charts across the globe and is set to be one of the songs of the year. The great thing about the music is that the guys sing very well and back each other with such ease.

The album features the likes of H.D and Blue Jeans of the Masvingo Riddim fame who also helps produce the piece. Most of the songs are love songs which has become the main criticism of most Urban Grooves acts. Come Together is a song about AIDS and I hope it will educate many because we have all lost someone through this disease. I respect the effort in trying to raise awareness through music. After about 6 tracks or so I was rather over the hype. Ndikati Hello is really the stand out track and somewhat overshadows the rest, not even saying the other songs are bad because they are all ok. The beats just became a bit monotonous for me. Generally the album is still listenable and if you like ragga music with some smooth vocals then this one is definitely for you. I think with more exposure these guys will be a force to reckon with and I look forward to hearing more from them.

Cover Art – 3/10
Music – 6/10
Mixing & Mastering – 7/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 5/10

Ndikati Hello ft Decibel

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