Zimbabwean House music hasn’t yet reached the popular heights but there are quite a number of acts that have graced the stage with their efforts to put it on the map. The same applies to DJ Koshmo and DJ Mabhororo where Masvingo meets Gweru to give some sizzling house tracks that have done very well in clubs around the nation mostly in Gweru, Bulawayo and Masvingo.

The album is strictly and instrumental album and will most likely not have the commercial appeal because of that. Let that not be a disadvantage because the 2 DJs make a good account of themselves with their productions. The first track Rasha Ruoko has been their biggest hit to date and used in a few mixes for a few kwaito songs (which is where they derive their house influence). It is a mid tempo track with a catchy rhythm and simply groovy and the same applies to the song Dzimba Mabwe with a whistle lead that is hard to forget. The mixing and effects on this track are very well done and it sits right up there with the big boys of house music giving the DJ Cleo’s and Oskidos a run for their money.

I am not wrong to say it sounds like a South African house album by someone like DJ Christos. Most of the songs are well done, that much i have to say and if you manage to get a copy listen to Mthandazo, Different, Summer Stroll, M’qhele and Mamhepo, they are all very good tracks. They have a very good understanding of which instruments work well together and their mixing is great to say the least. However, it would be great if these 2 guys decided to feature other artists on their next projects or else they will most probably end in the clubs without appealing to a bigger fan base. Instrumental albums are very hard to listen to at times, not that they are bad but sometimes you need a few words to repeat or try sing to or else you get bored quickly. This is most likely Zimbabwe’s first house instrumental album and it is a great start indeed.

Cover Art – 2/10 (C’mon you guys!)
Music – 7/10
Mixing & Mastering – 8/10
‘I Like’ factor – 6/10

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