I was very expectant upon receiving this album. Josphat Somanje has been around for a very long time and knows how it is to ride the wave of success. I had heard lots about this album from friends and acquintances especially the song everyone calls ‘Haulume’. Last time i heard such a hype about a song was ‘Idya Banana’ by Joseph Garakara.

The track where the album is named is called ‘Handibvume’ (Haulume). It opens up this album and pretty much sets the pace. We all know museve songs are usually very long and Josphat maintains that. Handibvume is about a couple going through marital problems and are on the verge of breaking up. When the husband decides that it is time his wife left the marriage she insists on having him return the child they have to where ever it came from and go back to when he was courting her. It is a hilarious track and very well penned and by my take it is one of those classic sungura songs that will live on and on. The song is infectious! Eniya is about a woman who does not understand the values of relationships and looks for all the wrong things in her marriage. The husband insists that having a home comes first and then money etc

Another hit song from this album is Mukaranga (otherwise better known as Maggie Mukaranga). The lead guitar on this song is beautiful! The song is about a man stating his intention to marry a ‘mukaranga’ woman called Maggie expressing how beautiful she is and that he would want to marry her as soon as possible. Vintage museve! Other tracks on the album include Kwete Kuvatendera and Jorijo.

Now i must admit that sungura is not quite my forte but This Time is absolutely fantastic. It is my pick for Sungura album of the year and Josphat equally deserving on artist of the year. Handibvume remains the best track on this album and has seen many days on my CD Player, i suggest you find this album a.s.a.p especially if you like sungura, it is simply brilliant! Recommended if you are into the likes of Alick Macheso, Chamunorwa Nebeta, Tongai Moyo, Somandle Ndebele and R & K African Sounds.

Cover Art – 1/10 (The only bad thing about this album if you consider it)
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 7.5/10
‘I Like’ Factor – 8/10

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