Listening to ExQue’s new Album “Love is my Religion”, it came as no surprise that all he sings about, in every single song, are girls. It is his focus on relationships that has made him popular in the genre of urban grooves so if you are fond of his style, then this is definitely for you.

The very first thing to capture my attention about this album, was that ExQue did collaborations with seasoned artists such as Oliver Mutukudzi, Roki, Stunner and Sanni and these were the songs that I enjoyed the most as they had the most emotion and soul. The song “Ndarasikirwa” had the unmistakable touch of a Sanni love song that enriched the lyrics with a refined mellow harmony to ExQue’s laid- back rap. ExQue experimented with several new sounds in this album and I must admit, the instruments where clear and a breath of fresh air from the usual ExQue sound such as the song “Paside Pangu” and the backing vocals of songs such as Ngativake Musha” and were well done and gave great harmony to his songs. He certainly did not limit himself in the area of experimenting with new sounds and to me; this is what saved the album from being monotonous.

Speaking of monotonous, I did not need to hear the song “Paside Pangu” three times with slight differences and also as an instrumental. Exque’s lyrics constantly talk about “mazirudo” which makes his music too predictable, shallow and dare I say less appealing to the older generation. In terms of lyrics, this would be a good album to listen to if you are between the ages of 13 and 16. To anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, or who isn’t familiar with Exque’s musical talent, don’t expect too much from this album. If Exque is one of your favourite artists then you are going to enjoy this album. However, I was not at all impressed by Exque’s latest release and I give it a 4 out 10.

Off the Nitredy Dormitory compilation:

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