MC Mighty’s album has been a long awaited debut since he gave us the single Waa Dem Want on the ever so popular Insecurity Riddim produced by Zimbabwe’s own dancehall star Melvin C. Since then he has released more singles like Gyal Wyne which was a club hit in and around Ireland followed by Jah By My Side on the Konzeresa Riddim (the first official Riddim compilation from Zimbabwe).

After giving it a listen i can say this album is energetic and the title ‘Move To Da Beat’ is appropriate. This energy is prevalent throughout the album pretty much from start to finish. The opening self-titled track ‘MC Mighty’ has a thumping bassline and a catchy flute to lead. The singjay proclaims his intention to enter our minds and dancefloors in order to stay and give you something different. In short MC Mighty announces his arrival. One thing is for sure, his style is definitely different from the typical Zimbabwean dancehall artist. To make a good impact and carve a name for yourself you do need to give people what they do not hear everyday. The title track Move To Da Beat is a bouncy track and can do well on the airwaves given a chance. Having said that, it applies to many tracks on this album.

Bruk Out is a true party tune and i would like to see it do well on the charts. It is guaranteed to make many many people dance. The ability to hold a track without a collaboration is what i like about MC Mighty, he can do that. The collaborations on this album are top notch like the mellow Summer Vibe featuring the lovely Jennifer Hurley. If ever he decides to do a video this one should be a contender. Miss Hurley is an immense talent and gives this song an exceptional edge. Hold Ya Head Up is a great song which sets to inspire anyone and everyone who might be going through a tough time to stay strong. I particularly like this song because of the message, the lyrical content is great as a message to the younger people of today who need the guidance. Same goes for the gem Why where MC Mighty raises some very serious questions about the world we live in.

I think the album is well balanced and production-wise is definitely high class. Also watch out for Let’s Party featuring Jennifer Hurley & Rave It Up. I think One and Only was a bit ‘off’ vocally, it really did not tickle my fancy and maybe the chorus would have been best sung by someone else. This album is definitely of commercial appeal and will catch the attention of the younger generation. The type of music is dancehall with a mixture of hip hop beats and a pop influence that makes it easy to cross boarders reaching out to people of different backgrounds. On a Zimbabwean scale, it is one of the best Zim dancehall albums around.

Cover Art – 6/10
Music – 7/10
Mixing & Mastering – 7/10
I Like Factor – 7/10

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