Trust Dojiwe better known in the music circles as Nasty Trixx is back with a new album and Maskiri’s so called sound alike has his chance to prove that he has what it takes to stay on top. I am sure many of you out there remember the smash hit ‘ChiDanger (Chimoko)’ from his 2004 debut Kupinda Newe. I can confirm every song on that album was a certified hit and it put this young man on the map.

A song from the new offering that made rave reviews in 2006 is DDF (which was also on the Bhodho Size One compilation by Tony G). The song is produced by Tony G and is a comical piece about a girl who wished for Nasty Trixx to become her lover. Apparently in the song, Nasty Trixx overhears the girl at church praying for divine intervention in her quest for love. On the other hand, Nasty confirms that the young lady is so beautiful he is already in love with her after having met her on the bus the previous day. The concept just makes me laugh! Great stuff! It is also the only Tony G production there as the two parted ways over unspecified differences. This new album also contains the hit song Kukakika which made an impressive position on the 2008 Power FM charts. The title is a descriptive word about how beautiful a woman is and the song is a testimony of how clever Nasty Trixx can be. When it comes to women, it seems like that is his area of choice lyrically.

Unfortunately the 2 songs mentioned above are as good as this album gets and the other tracks are a complete waste of time. I hate to say it like that but if you compare Nasty Trixx on his tracks produced by Tony G and the ones by the producer he is working with now, you can tell that there is no contest. The music is horrible and amateurish to say the least. I reckon my 15 year old brother can do better on productions. My colleague upon hearing this album asked me, “Is this a demo album by Nasty Trixx from 10 years ago?” That is simply how bad it is. I would have written about the tracks in detail as i usually do but this time i do not see the point. The only other song i could mention is Ndopisa Musoro in which he blasts former friends Tony G and Madiz who had a major part in his first album. He claims Tony G shortchanged him from his album royalties and when he left Baseline Studios, Tony G was stranded and other artists left. The same producer he is dissing so happens to have, by far, the best track on this album. On the same page, comparing with Kupinda Newe, this new album has not as much as a good chorus which Madiz was mostly responsible for first time around. Sadly, truth be told, Tony G and Madiz are having the last laugh on this one enjoying enough success in the past 2 years. 

Enough said, this ranks as one of the most disappointing sophomore albums i have heard in a long time. By this showing, i think Nasty Trixx will be a nobody in the industry within the next 2 years unless he rejoins Tony G’s camp or finds a producer who is just as good or better. Kukakika just so happens to be the single that is a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dwindling career. Nasty you can do much better!

Music – 2/10
Technical Sound – 1/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 2/10

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