Pastor G is no stranger to the music industry in Zimbabwe having worked with numerous artists and made a great success of his singing talent. For those who might have forgotten he burst on the scene as part of Delani Makhalima’s Shamiso Studios a solid 9 or so years ago with songs like Count Your Blessings, Hande & Walk Alone to name a few.

Inspiration is the latest offering from Pastor G and it is a 14 track sizzler! He has always made somewhat danceable gospel music more inclined to the younger souls. I can describe his music as a mixture of RnB and Afro-Pop where the pastor does enough justice vocally. The title track, Inspiration, is one smooth jam. The instrumentation on the song sounds like a soft rock/pop ballad and it is so well executed i could not help but notice. The lyrics are uplifting and focus on how we find our inspiration from the Lord especially when times are hard and we feel like there is no way out. I have to say the backing vocalists on this song did a superb job equally matching the pastor himself in making the song a gem. Haya Haya has been doing awesomely well on the PowerFM charts and from the moment i heard it i knew why. It is a praise song (rwiyo rwekutenda) where Pastor G proclaims authority and dominion through Jesus Christ. I can see enough people getting down to this one mudzimba and kumaChurch uko. It is a wonderful song that has a feel good ‘thing’ about it. I listened to it with a smile on my face!

There are some songs which from the moment you hear the intro your expectations are raised. Mubairo does just that! When the beat sets in and you listen to the chorus you get that ‘wow’ feeling. The beat is simple with an amazingly catchy melody and Sharon Manyika sings this so beautifully. Vakomana Sharon anoimba zvinodadisa! I know Haya Haya is already a hit but people are sleeping on Mubairo! Of the album this is definitely my pick, the best of the lot hands down! (lol). Its another inspirational one and the duo sing about kushinga (being strong, perseverance) encouraging us all never to get tired because God is faithful. Not much i can say except that this song is great. Mandipa is another one that touched me given its very well done vocals. Pastor G has really upped a notch or 2 on this offering. While listening to this album i realised that it really focused on establishing God as the centre of people’s lives to give them hope. Considering all the things Zimbabwe has gone through i really connected with this album on that note. 

I cannot take anything away from Pastor G on this one, the music was beautiful so was the singing. The collabos added so much versatility to this album, were very well done and you could feel the chemistry between the artists. Other songs to watch out for on this album are Jesu, Ndamirira featuring prince Mafukidze and Turura featuring Gorden Taurai Nzira. Pastor G fans of old will love this and i recommend it to anyone who wants to listen to Zimbabwean music with a difference!

Cover Art – 6/10
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 7/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 7/10

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