The Zimbabwe gospel scene is as exciting as ever with the rise of the younger gospel artists. The genre has undergone a lot of changes but still continues to excite and holds its place in popularity. The name Sabastian Magacha may ring a bell to a few but be assured the young man is a born star. Full of talent and blessed with a powerful voice, this is a name we will remember for a long time. His 2007 album Shekinah Glory shot Sabastian to fame with the massive hit, Tinomudana. In 2009 he is back with Ndinokutendai.

I had the pleasure of hearing the title track early on in the year courtesy of a friend and it was the first time i had ever heard of Sabastian Magacha. His brand of gospel music wowed me on the spot and have been trying to source his music ever since. Ndinokutendai is an uplifting number about thanking God for all he has done especially when people try to pull you down. The production on this song is nothing short of impressive and definitely puts Sabastian on a different level. I really like the way these youthful guys are making the music less predictable. Ndoenda Mberi is equally as enjoyable and it is a song about persistence. He sings about kusadzokera shure (not giving up/going back). I really enjoy the fact that he sings with such conviction and he is not the usual ‘recycle-the-most-popular-bible-verse-i-know’ type of Zimbabwean gospel artist. 

Nemunamato sounds a bit like a reggae song (with a Zimbabwean twist of course!). I think this song relates to so many Zimbabweans who pray everyday for better opportunities. It is a song of encouragement that shows how the Zimbabwean population largely turns to religion for answers. Shaura proclaims God’s glory and is a testimony of what God does in our lives. It is a slow, mellow song which touches your heart upon listening. The singing was superb. The back up singers on this track did an excellent job that deserves an applause at the very least. I like the lyrics and they struck a chord with me about how we as people hardly ever thank God but find ourselves complaining a whole lot. Nyarara is also another great track with amazing singing.

Also watch out for Anouya and Ngiaykubonga. Sabastian Magacha is the most exciting gospel prospect yet and i have no doubts about that. If he keeps producing such good music he is definitely set for a very bright and prosperous career. Of those who have already heard his stuff, you can testify. If you like a good word of God, this gem of an album will not disappoint. Recommended if you like artists like Fungisai, Taurai Gorden Nzira, Bethan Pasinawako, Alexio Kawara, Kudzai Nyakudya. Simply breathtaking!

Cover Art – 6/10
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 7/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 8/10

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