The first time i heard of this man was on the compilation by Delani and Sanii Makhalima, Urban Grooves Volume 2 which was a decent offering with relatively unknown artits in Zimbabwe. After looking for his music for over a year i finally got my hands on his debut album, Seiko which was nominated for Best Urban Grooves Album and Best Newcomer in 2006. I know it sounds misleading but Taurai Gorden Nzira is actually a gospel artist and has only one song, Ndazvipira, that talks about love and relationships (hmmm Prince Mafukidze has a love song too!). Sometimes it makes me wonder if the people at ZIMA are serious.

Produced by Sanii Makhalima and 8 tracks deep this album comes with a lot of expectation. The first track, Esethusela, is a danceable piece with the Ndebele lyrics that urge people to take up faith and believe in God despite any influences that may be set upon them by the devil. It is upbeat and very entertaining with a somewhat ‘typical’ gospel sound popularised in South Africa by the likes of Rebecca Malope, Lundi and so forth. The same can be said for Tarirai and most other tracks on the album. Tarirai was the first single to grace the airwaves back in 2005 as part of the compilation Urban Grooves Volume 2. It is an old church hymn revamped and has since done so well among gospel lovers. It provides a good listen on a Sunday after church.

The hit track on the album Chireurura put him on the map and was a regular on the charts peaking in the PowerFM Top 10. It is a slow song and he spreads more gospel telling people to ask for forgiveness because God’s love exceeds any wrong we do. The song can surely get you in a whole different zone altogether and it got me wondering about how i have lived my life up until now. It is a beautiful song to say the least. Every song is laced with an outstanding clarity of both vocals and instruments which is a testimony to Sanii’s production prowess. The album also features cameo appeareances by Otis Ngwabi and producer Sanii Makhalima

Taurai is very talented with the voice to go with. The great thing about the album is that every track is more than listenable and are all of very high quality. The downside for me is having only 8 tracks, 2 of which are remixes that aren’t much different from the original songs. I felt a bit short changed in the end. Besides that, i feel he has far much more to give the fans and could do more to diversify the message to give it to us in a more interesting way. Gospel lovers will love this regardless, it’s good music with a good message!

Cover Art – 5/10 (Didn’t like it much)
Music – 8/10
Mixing and Mastering – 7/10 (well done)
I Like Factor -6/10

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