The year has already come up with some classics in terms of the Urban genres that are topping the Zimbabwean charts. There are more new artists than we even thought possible and things are really happening. We bring you a review for yet another new artist who is really riding a wave of success at the moment featuring on ExQue’s first single from his latest album. A big thanx to Tha Godfatha in Pretoria for the hook up!!! His name is Shastro (a.k.a Payce a.k.a Shadreck Mburayi) and he is Stunner’s protege at Glen Norah based Tazzoita Ca$h Records.

Ndini Ndakora is the title track that opens up this review. It’s more than evident that this song took a page from Team Hombe sounding so unmistakeably similar. But then again, with the song produced by Dr Clarence who produced Team Hombe and featuring Toby who sang the hook on the song, there is no need for surprise. Besides that the song is a good listen. Shastro talks up his ‘swag’ as well as the ability to attract money easily (a page from his manager Stunner i’m sure). He might not possess an extraordinary flow but he is so confident on the mic and this more than makes up for it all. Shastro tones it down on songs like Searching which featured the Ngonie sounding (but potentially better) voice of Larkie Mangezi. This is one of the best songs on the album and as the title suggests the man is looking for that one girl who could occupy his heart. Larkie also features on the beautiful Unbreakable. Stunner adds a verse that will rate as one of his finest showcasing that lyrical dexterity which has won him so many fans. 

Jnr Brown blesses this album with a Hip Hop production called Cash. The hook has a line that goes something like, “Cash iri tii neBrick remaObama.” Infectious i tell you! The only let down for me was the Lil’ John vocal sample which might not have been a necessary inclusion. Chero is a very interesting track which touches on the topic of undying love and Shastro says “Chero ukauya nemwana asiri wangu ini ndobvuma hangu ini, chero ukandidhumhanisa.” My favourite track from this 21 year old is Tazzoita Ca$h which is a straight banger from the beat to the lyrics. A straight party starter this. This track is a must for every party this year! Some of you might have heard Zvinyowani. It’s a very laid back song yekungobatisa maStatement. Nothing much to it but everything to the lyrics. Stunner simply rips this track apart. 

It’s without a doubt Shastro is a young man with great potential. I believe he has room for improvement especially as he is under the wings of the current King of Urban Grooves. Iri ialbum reJoy and if you want music that is young, fun and vibrant look no further. This one is recommended if you like artists like Stunner, Maskiri and and Nasty Trix. A great debut and looking forward to more material from the man!

Music – 7/10
Technical Sound – 6/10
‘I Like’ Factor – 6/10

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