Ba’ Panashe naBa’ Delroy vanetsa mudzimba umo nekukonzeresa! To be honest I thought these guys would be done and dusted by now. I bet many of us thought Uri Roja was a fluke, right? Wrong!!! Maroja ava maLandlord muMusic Industry hapana kwavari kuenda manje. Extra Large have teamed up with MacDee for the second album running to give us another sizzling piece.

2006 saw the duo light up the dance floors all across Zimbabwe with Roja Dance off the album Small House. I definitely did not expect an album this year again so initially I had my suspicions about this project being rushed. However, 4 albums deep they seem to have mastered the art. They can boast of being the first Urban Grooves outfit to have their own live band. Tinopa kutenda varume. The lead single House Gero talks about how the maid actually runs the house and that the father of the house should treat her well for everything she can do for him. The song is so popular it’s causing other artists headaches and sleepless nights right now. Sadly, due to the ‘nature of the lyrics’ most of their songs from this album have been banned from the airwaves but then again with a song like ‘Toilet Seat’ it’s easy to see why. The ban seems to have helped the duo achieve higher sales regardless, the same way it helped Maskiri a few years back.

This album has some very good songs and they still stick to their social commentary in a very light hearted manner. They have also grown as artists by focusing more on their musical abilities and actually do try to sing/rap. For me the songs that stood out were Kutaura Newe ft Cindy Raw (the sweetest voice in Urban Grooves), Aiwa Mukoma ft Synper & MacDee and House Gero ft MacDee. I’m glad to say I didn’t have to skip any song while I was listening and the album has been on rotation in the car for a while. Great effort!

For 7 songs, an Intro, a skit and an instrumental it’s a worthy effort and they should have some good takings from the sale of this album. It won’t disappoint for many Urban Grooves fans that’s for sure!

Music – 8/10
Mixing & Mastering – 7/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 7.5/10

Aiwa Mukoma ft Snyper & MacDee

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