Possibly the most controversial artist in Urban Grooves maybe even Zimbabwean history, Maskiri is back after a 2 year hiatus from the mic. As usual the album has been much anticipated with most wondering what else does Maskiri have to say which he hasn’t done so? More controversy maybe? I have always been a fan regardless.

Tapinda Tapinda Tapinda is the 3rd offering from Alishias Musimbe a.k.a Maskiri and is produced by Sipho ‘TBA’ Mkhuhlane of Chigutiro fame. As usual the album is plastered with comical skits where Maskiri makes a mockery of the media’s stories about his life. Such light hearted gimmicks have made Maskiri a household name and in the intro he declares himself a changed man now doing all things holy hence the album Tapinda Tapinda Tapinda to stress his entry into a new life. The album opens with one of the most anticipated Urban Grooves collabos since the genre became popular on Ngaakoreswe between Maskiri and Nasty Trixx. For those who don’t know the 2 have been compared since Nasty Trixx came on the scene 3 years ago. Many have claimed that there is beef between the 2 and this song cancels all the speculation. It is a song about praising God in a cool way that appeals to the youth using slang words. Madiz and Diana also feature on the song.

Just when i thought i had heard it all, the song Ivy Kombo simply made me laugh where the man professes love for gospel diva and controversial singer Ivy Kombo-Moyo-Kasi. Maskiri expresses jealousy over her concerts with the likes of Vuyo Mokoena. I strongly doubt she will consider his proposal but as a listener i was in stitches. I greatly enjoyed Ndakafa where he talks about being at a concert in South Africa then dying and going to heaven meeting the likes of the late Princess Diana and smoking the leaf with the late Brenda Fassie. The instrumental isn’t quite great but the lyrics made me forget that quickly. It’s all about the lyrics when it comes to Maskiri and only he knows what inspires him to even think of singing such things.

It’s evident that the Maskiri of old is very much alive and has plenty of interesting things to say. Other songs that left me breathless were Wheelchair featuring songstress Tererai Mugwadi and Leo Mapfumo and Miscarriage featuring Nesu. The overall production was not very good and despite changing the production team from the not so great sophomore album Blue Movie, it seems Maskiri has a long way to go before actually improving on the quality of his music. It doesn’t help that he raps about nothing really, though very entertaining. If you are a serious person who likes depth in their music you might not enjoy this, it needs someone to be totally care free about whatever to get to enjoy the music. For old Maskiri fans i am sure you will love it and he wont disappoint you at all. He is simply a love or hate type of musician.

Cover Art – 5/10 (i love the font but…)
Music – 6/10
Mixing and Mastering – 6/10
I Like Factor – 7/10

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