The name Wreckless dates back to the years when the urban genre started getting recognition with Chamhembe (That Squad) heading the whole thing. This man’s CV is deep with the most popular of his collaborations being the song Kuchamhembe with the beautiful Tererai Mugwadi. Besides that he has done songs with the likes of Roki (Mazuva), James Adam(Chikondi) & the very sexy Cindy (Dhindindi).

Riddim & Bassline kicks off with an intro that gets you up on your feet, no holds barred. Reload carries the tempo of the intro with some seriously deep basslines and if there was anything like feel good dancehall this could just be it! It’s a great way to start a CD with the positive vibes. One of the lead singles from this album is 4 Always featuring Rue. This is a mid tempo love song which would light up any party or gig without a doubt. Rue does a great job on this piece. I quite like the brand of dancehall that Wreckless brings to the table because it is unique and shows how much variety Zim dancehall has come to offer especially with the huge success of artists like King Shaddy, Winky D and Sniper Storm who mix English/patois with Shona…. And here comes Wreckless with a different style altogether!

Voodoo (loving the title in connection with the song!) is one of my favourite jams on a hip hop kind of beat. It features one of the first ever female vocalists on the urban scene, Sarah and i have to say whenever Wreckless collaborates with a female it always comes out wicked. Believe it or not given the song title, its a love song but cleverly expressed. The greatness extends to Love and Happiness featuring Nesu (this lady needs to drop an album, real talk). For a song about love given the style Wreckless delivers and how calm the song felt, i was nothing short of impressed. Undoubtedly one of the bangers on this album is Breeze featuring Cindy and Roki. The beat itself certifies this song as a hit. All three artists on this song make it such a great song and when we played it on the podcasts the response was quite encouraging. i loved Cindy’s verse because it was so unexpected to take that ‘patois’ inclination. Another favourite of mine is Badman Territory and i would love to shake the hand of whoever produced that song. The beat is sick sick sick. The lead single, Evacuate, is right from the top drawer and it sums up much of this album for me. 

After the listening experience i can say this 18 track album has more highs than lows. With a heavy production line up as well as collabos i found it pleasant to have so many different styles compiled into one. As i always say an 18 track album is a bit too much nowadays where an artist generally needs to try and captivate his audience in as few songs as possible. Other songs to look out for are Gimme Some More feat Kevie, From The Heart and Rub a dub. This is your ‘Friday night at the club’ and ‘Saturday party after the bbq’ kind of offering and if you are looking to have a good time with banging beats, look no further.

Cover Art – 7/10
Music – 7.5/10
Technical Sound – 7/10
‘I Like Factor – 7/10

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