Maroja adzoka futi! These guys simply DO NOT give up. Last time i said i thought these guys would be done and dusted by now. A little over a year later and guess what? They have a brand new offering for the fans. I think i will not be far off if i say this duo is probably the most hardworking outfit on the urban scene (for a while now) and i still do not know how they manage to release just about an album every year but kudos to them for making it happen. One Drop is the fifth album from Xtra Large after Zvakora, Walembe, Small House and Still At Large.

This time around they add a little extra flavour to the production prowess of MacDee by slotting in Russo and as usual the album is packed with collaborations from seasoned artists like Stunner, Diana and Trevor Dongo as well as unknowns like Samantha and Fadzie. The first single from the album, MaOrange, did quite well on the airwaves late last year. The chorus is a true sing along adopting lyrics from creche like “Aya maOrange, aya maFatcook, Ichi chigaba chehuchi”. Landlord is one of the tracks that has managed to do well on the charts in 2009. The backtrack adopts a ‘snap music’/’crunk’ style popularised by Lil Jon some years ago. Unfortunately, this song did not quite tickle my fancy though i do accept that it is probably the sound most youth are identifying with now (I just like my good old urban grooves!) Besides that, the guys are still quite funny with their hilarious lyrics and social commentary. 

The titles of the songs just make you want to listen to the whole album especially if you know what Xtra Large are capable of doing. Doctor is one such song which features Taurai Mandebvu. The group proclaims that they are the doctors of love and if women have any problems they can go to them. Funny stuff! I enjoyed the kizomba style on the song which fits perfectly. Kukura Hakutani is definitely one of the best cuts off this piece and it features Boyz Dzangu and Trevor Dongo. One of the rappers from Boyz Dzangu sounds so much like Maskiri its shocking! The song is about a girl you grow up seeing and she matures into this very beautiful woman and all you want to do is make her yours. I enjoy the concepts these guys bring, they definitely haven’t run out of ideas. Tsano is my favourite song on the whole album and it focuses on a brother-in-law who is greedy when it comes to food and will eat just about anything for the sake of eating. I couldn’t stop laughing! Postman is another funny song though it tackles an issue about adultery which is quite serious in our society especially with AIDS and other diseases around.

Generally this album is quite good and it is mostly vintage Xtra Large as we have grown to appreciate. I think Xtra Large fans of old will have no problem accepting this album. I do think it is not quite as good as their last 2 albums but still well worth having nonetheless. Other songs to watch out for are Baller featuring Stunner and Siyai Vana featuring Trevor Dongo. Highly recommended for your library!

Cover Art – 6/10
Music – 7/10
Technical Sound – 6/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 6/10

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