BKay and Kazz have been on this musical journey for a while now. These 2 brothers have grown from strength to strength. I remember seeing their video for Ndikati Hello on Channel O 4 years ago without a clue who they were. Now they reign as ambassadors for Zimbabwe through their brilliant work. They released their debut album, In The Beginning, 5 years ago and it was more for the Zimbabwean and Malawian markets where their roots lie. Boomslang is their first international release and their approach is different from last time around.

Don’t Stop opens up the 16 track Boomslang album with an infectious rhythm that will have you dancing. It is a dancehall track with a very commercially acceptable aspect about it such that you don’t have to be a dancehall fan to enjoy it. These guys sing real music and the song relates to their will to succeed. I Wanna Get Loved is impressive. The vocal abilities that these guys have will surprise you and it is also part of what makes them so versatile. The inclusion of Ndikati Hello is one i did not expect but given that among Zimbabweans it is their most popular track and this being an international release they wanted to show that they have come a long way. Despite the track being old it by no means compromises the quality of this album and it rates highly. Decibel did his thing very well here! The same goes for Senorita concerning it being on their debut but it sounds so good i thought i was hearing it for the first time.

There are quite a few songs with videos here and i am hoping these guys come out with a DVD album as well. You Know It’s Right is one of the songs with a video. This song is great, well composed, well sung and well put together. The video? Awesome! Whatever formula these guys are using it is definitely working. You Know It’s Right has 2 versions here and they are both good. We played The Music Drive on our podcasts and the reception speaks for itself. The track is just massive. A definite banger and the dancehall baseline that accompanies the powerful vocals led me to have this song on repeat. It features Decibel and the man has not lost his touch at all. Of the whole album Amina Kadeya is my favourite. The way they took an old nursery school game and made it into a dance track is genius. VanaWezhira from Masvingo are talented, jealous down hama dzangu! I tip this to be one of the party regulars in 2010.

BKay & Kazz are some of the hardest working artists around and their album proves it. A lot of the songs on this offering were released as singles. Other songs to look out for include Wynd With Me, Leave Me Alone and Crazy Baby. I really liked this album from start to finish and i could change with the mood of the album without feeling robbed of any quality and so forth. There is something in there for everyone. I found very little fault to this album, it leaves you satisfied with your purchase.

Get the album here: http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/56603725-bkay-kazz (mp3 album) and iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/boomslang/id340251008

Cover Art – 8/10
Music – 8/10
Technical Sound – 7/10
‘I Like Factor’ – 8/10

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