Soosh (Tendai Maswiswi) is a man who needs no introduction to the XBC audience having graced our 2009 Top 30 jams with the heartfelt You Gone Now featuring Dee. You might remember him from the Zim Hip Hop duo DS & Soosh who gave you the album Clueless. 2010 is that kind of year where ‘The baddest boy’ (as he is known) is not holding back. He sent us 2 singles that are straight off the Richter Scale and we will get to those freebies in a moment….

What has Soosh been up to of late? Soosh (27) was based in Lusaka, Zambia and was working Hot 87.7 fm which is a private radio station as a radio deejay and as a club deejay and emcee at Zenon Night Club. Since the beginning of 2009 he has moved onto the Copperbelt (Kitwe to be exact) in Zambia and was working for YAR 89.8 fm, another private radio station. At the moment he is freelancing in the private sector of the entertainment world in 3 different countries. Rapper, DJ, maybe next he gon get into acting. 

Check out the hot new singles, top notch and still mahara!

Move Back – Now this track is my personal favourite. Why? Coz it shows u exactly why Soosh is actually the baddest on the mic. Comparing with his previous work and taking nothing away from it, there is unmistakeable maturity and confidence. Lyrically, just so you know, you cannot afford to miss a word he says. I found myself laughing at the ‘dig’ at a long time rival of his (you know who he is, infact listen to the song if you don’t). For the record Soosh my friend, i did rewind that part myself. I remember telling him how impressed i was with the overall production and in terms of quality this song is just about faultless. That is how WhereItsAt Records does things (shout out to DS!)
Download Move Back here (mp3):

Close Your Eyes – There are some songs that go beyond a simple listening experience and Close Your Eyes is one such song. The emotional connection of the song had me in thought patterns i don’t experience often. The realistic take on life here is one i appreciate and this defines an impressive touch of versatility in the new material. I have no doubts that if you don’t know who Soosh is by now, your eyes are definitely closed.
Download Close Your Eyes here (mp3):

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