The reason i went back home to Zimbabwe was very simple but crucial to me. I had had such a terrible semester my confidence was low and i needed a boost! With the forex problems in Zimbabwe coupled with the University wanting their dues from me, all it spelt in my life was STRESS! Half the semester I was just jumping from office block to office block explaining, ‘financial situation’ yangu to these guys. All i wanted was peace of mind and learn with no worries about payments. And thats the one thing i never got all semester. I needed a change, see my parents and fall back on someone. As if to stress the point when i got home all everyone ever really said to me was ‘ii waonda shamwari’ . Ko kundisiya nhai imi?

Dai zvakapera mazuva ekutanga ka. Till the day i came back chero wandaiona aingoti wakaonda wena. Mufunge, i was never fat anyway but, mukuonda imomo already they could see that i lost weight futi! It gave me a good laugh and also motivated me kuti next time ka, ndivea stronger person to face my challenges mudiaspora. So that was part of the therapy i needed. Seeing familiar faces and the number of people looking up to me for being the one who managed to ‘escape’ nhamo yemuZim was even more, made me realise that as much as things are tough, i still have a lot to do out here. Talk about a remedy for all the problems.

One department i had faltered greatly out here was religion. Going back home to the church i call ‘home’ was revealing. I felt like i wanted to know God again after those many days of giving excuses ndichiti ‘I have work saka i can not go to church’ etc. This time i had NO excuses not to go. I made the best of it and the times i went to church gave me more strength and God was just showing me the signs that life will never be easy but, also never to lose faith or focus. Now that im back it means a new challenge: no more silly excuses to distance myself away form Him, i still need God in my life to make it.

Talk about surprises.. Last year ndairara mumaQueue efuel nevamwe. Gore rino hakuna iyoyo.Fuel mazariro ayakaita asi kudhura kani. Cheapest we could find was $430 000 a litre. Elsewhere it could even go up to $600 000 a litre. Saka to fill a tank would need roughly $25 000 000 for most cars and considering that on average people earn around $35 000 000 a month it simply means to be able to keep a car running you have to be among the rich folk. Put 2 and 2 together and you get the reason as to why fuel queues do not exist anymore…it is available but less people can afford it now! Personally i think it is better that way, rather it be expensive and available than cheap and nowhere to be located! (Disagree if you wish, i did this in Economics this very year)

The other big surprise for me was the way people seem to carry a lot more brief cases and bags around. Ok, not too long ago we had every joke possible about how Zambians carry money in wheel barrows to buy bread and end up exchanging the wheel barrows for the bread. I’m sorry to say but we are not far from the jokes being reality. Wallet-makers are definitely out of business now. Who needs one? Yes, they (or should i say we) now carry bags with money in Zimbabwe if we are to have any decent amount of money on us. As you read this ndiri kutonzwa musana so-o (kutamba hangu ndanga ndatojaira). Our dollars are millions and our cents are now thousands. Zvamunoona kudai kombi chaiyo yave $65 000 – $100 000 mufunge, chingwa $150 000, Kokora (Soft drinks) $100 000 and so forth. Kune vanoda zvechirungu-rungumaPizza aya Large $2 200 000 zvichikwira. We need a Saviour in the place i tell you.

Musically…ok to be honest i hate to say this. Zimbabwe was DEAD. Quite a siginificant number of the same generic so and sos we heard 2 years ago are still on the radio rotation list. Gees what a development. So let me stop hating (though i said all this in complete honesty). Now that international music can be played it is somewhat a breath of fresh air. Well, for those who have not yet been exposed to the diaspora. Maybe it is just me but the DJs back home just loooooooooove to play washed out, ‘we’ve had enough of it’ typa music. I mean Let Me Love U WAS a lovely song, WAS. Get me? Eventually i couldn’t even bother to tune in. Radio just sucked (forgive me if im a bit too blunt, i don’t actually care).

On to our very own Urban Grooves scene dubbed Urban Guvhu whatever that means. (Before we knock that one, too bad i missed the Rocqui/Pauline/ Shyleen drama. Point to note ever noticed how the two ladies names rhyme, not that it matters lol dai ndakaziva would have stayed a day or 2 longer ndakauya ne1st hand info chaiyo, fresh). First thing is i don’t have anything against these guys (ok any artist really) maCD aakuita $2 500 000. Anotenga ndiani? So what happens when they want to make money but as much as people want to buy very few can afford it. So can music be a career in Zim yes or no? Take your pick. I don’t think so

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