It was with great sadness that we at XBC Jumpoff received the news of the passing of Fortune Muparutsa. There are few who possess such talent or greatness. We never managed to get to know Fortune personally but we still adored his work. A year ago we played the song Dream Girl on one of our podcasts and it had everything a hit needed: a good sound, mature production, brilliant vocals and touching lyrics. Besides that the sound was sure to have mass appeal. At the time very few people knew that Fortune was making a comeback as a singer after a near 10 year hiatus mostly concentrating on producing for other artists.

Fortune was well respected in the music circles in Zimbabwe. Many artists we came across always expressed their desire to work with him, though for most, his prices were unaffordable(but soooooooooo worth it!). If you wanted an assured hit Fortune was the go-to man. This is evidenced by all the hits he produced like In My Dreams by Innocent Utsiwegota, Kumba Kwenyu by Alexio, Boy U Got To Know by Tia & Come To Party by Major Playaz to mention a few. He was also a mentor to many many people in the industry for example Flash Gordon, Sanii Makhalima, John Jay and other people he closely worked with. The great thing about the songs he produced was they were all of such a high standard and could easily compete internationally by any bar. When i listen to Dzimbaremabwe by V.O.L.U.M.E i still think it eclipses many Hip Hop songs produced even to this day. He really impressed when he worked with Alexio on the song Kumba Kwenyu. The original which Alexio had recorded elsewhere was hard to stomach even with Alexio’s great voice. Production quality was poor and at best it typified a sub-standard backyard recording with poor mixing and no mastering at all. Fortune then laid his hands on it and redid the whole song from the production to recording to the mixing then the mastering. The end product made me wonder if it was a different song altogether. That is just one example of the finesse and ability Fortune had. 

Many describe him as not having anything close to a bad bone in his body and a very energetic and humble fellow. Us as fans knew him through his music and we loved what we knew and still do. To hear of his death hurt us as if we actually knew him. That is the impact his music had on us. His passing is a sad loss for Zimbabwe, but God made his decision and Fortune is now in a better place. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues, we share your pain. Fortune Muparutsa will forever be loved and remembered.

We have done a Tribute show in his honour.
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Rest In Peace.

Wangu ndega

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