Talent and passion are 2 things that stand the test of time especially where music is concerned. We can attest to Carole Felice having both! I remember the first song of hers I heard was Mumwe Wangu about 10 years back and wondering ‘Who is this amazing talent?’. From there she has kept her music consistent and has never compromised on two of the most important musical elements: quality and message. She is quite an act to follow especially for aspiring artists out there, take a page from her book!

Anehanya Neni is a song from her latest offering, Dwelling Place. The song features the talented Tembalami and the two artists recently gave us these beautiful visuals for it. I particularly love this new video because it embodies what exactly she and Tembalami are singing about. You can tell they had fun making that video and all things considered, when God raises you from a position where you feel disadvantaged or have not yet found your purpose, you will feel joy in your heart.

I am a proponent of quality music and videos. Carole Felice did not disappoint on this one. She makes it seem easy when she sings, but you can tell it comes from a place of love. A love for God and a love for music. Tembalami needs no introduction himself. The man is awash with talent through his powerful voice which has seen him become one of the very best gospel artists to come out of Zimbabwe in the last decade or so. 

Production-wise the song is all you could ask for, the undeniably African mid-tempo is just right for the type of song. Besides that, Anehanya Neni was mixed and mastered to perfection. I have a feeling I know who produced it, but will have to confirm with Carole Felice first! It is great to see artists take the craft seriously, doing all they can to get to that next level. This is the kind of music to put Zimbabwe on the international radar.

Well done Carole!

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