Back in the day (over 12 years ago now), a brother and sister hailing from the beautiful Bulawayo were tearing apart the Zimbabwean airwaves with a unique kwaito-infused sound. One of the songs that etched their names in Zimbabwean music folklore was Owami – a smooth hit that had an undeniable R’n’B kwaito flavour which still sounds good to this day. I am sure those days changed the lives of Skhu (Skhululekile Mpofu) and PO’Zee Younga97 (Mbekezeli Mpofu) forever.

Fast-forward to 2016, they are blazing the music industry like they never left. PO’Zee has been fairly active over the years, launching the Kas-No-Valo clothing label with Skhu some 5 years back and releasing hot singles such as Ses’vus’Abangasekho in 2013 which we featured on the Radio Kunakirwa podcast. Good to see both of them teaming up once again on something new. This time around they have joined forces as Kas-No-Valo with Amina and Y2K for the single Dali Wami

I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect but Kas-No-Valo put any doubts to rest with a really solid offering. If you love to dance, this one will be right where you want it to be. The beat offers an infectiously catchy rhythm you can easily hum to. It has an old school touch to it and I can see people enjoying this one a lot at parties and weddings alike regardless of age. Skhu still has the very voice that put her on the map as one of the most talented Zimbabwean singers out there. The pressure was on for Amina and Y2K to match Skhu and PO’Zee on delivery but they did not disappoint. Overall, Dali Wami is very well produced and kudos to the team at House of Rising Sounds for the fantastic work.

If the foundation is well laid and the song gets to the ears of the masses, it has the potential to become a cult favourite. Congrats Kas-No-Valo, you outdid yourselves on this one! 

Here is a short 22 second snippet of the song to whet your appetite!

If you like it, details below on how to get a copy of Dali Wami!

To order the single:        

Call/Whatsapp: +263 772 225 091
For Bookings: +263 772 225 091


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