Kazz has really harnessed 2016 in a different sort of way. It is hard to find artists with even half the consistency of this man who is arguably one of Masvingo’s best ever talents. From the days of BKay & Kazz (with his equally talented brother) and continuing on solo projects, Kazz has very little to prove in terms of talent. Clothing label – he’s done it. Directing videos – he’s done it. Hit songs – he has plenty. 

When I got my hands on ‘Tonight’ I had already had the pleasure of watching the video on YouTube. Here is a link:

Videos tend to be a very tricky proposition but Kazz does them very well. This one has a hint of silhouette on a simple backdrop. It utilizes a really well-done overlay between different videos to bring the visuals to life. The ladies in the video add flavour with some dance moves and there you have it – a simple but classy video.

Now let’s talk about the song… It’s hard to call Kazz’s music of a certain genre, he crosses over with so much ease. He has done reggae, R’n’B, dancehall, Urban and fusions. Tonight is a feel good mid to high tempo song. That is how I can describe it. Genre-wise it leans towards dance music with unmistakable pop synths. To keep it simple, it simply sounds great and is a song that will keep a smile on your face. Production-wise, you won’t go wrong here. There is nothing to fault and artists would benefit from taking tips from Kazz. He knows the meaning of quality music. That is your first step towards success.

Just as well, check out his other 2016 songs like Can We Make It Work and Thinking of You which has one of the most awesome remixes I have heard featuring Bulawayo’s undisputed Cal_Vin, Q-Rigga, Jungle Bwoi. You will definitely find something to suit your fancy.

One thing that has always been apparent about Kazz is that he has the talent to go international, all he needs is one big break and no one will be able to catch him!

There is even a Tonight dance video to take this a level higher!

Radio Kunakirwa Podcasts would have never been the same without a touch of Boomslang and for that, we will forever be grateful Kazz! Otherwise enjoy this brand spanking new hit by Kazz!

Listen to Tonight on Soundcloud

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