When we say Zimbabwe is awash with talent, hakusi kunyepa! You might remember TaffyRue from Zimbabwe Has Talent competition a couple of years back and if you do, you know she is blessed with a great voice. 

Fast forward to 2016 and something new has come with it. Take a look at this wonderful bit of creativity by TaffyRue on the song ‘Promise’ produced by Omichael Nhamburo. You can tell that a lot of time was taken in the crafting of this song. Production-wise there is a great maturity in how the instrumentation was delivered. Overall, too beautiful for words.

These are the very highest levels of talent. It goes without saying but this is one of the very best songs to come out of Zimbabwe recently. It is absolutely beautiful. If you are getting married this year, this song surely must be on your list!

Visit taffyrue.com for more information on this talented lady.

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TaffyRue, you are going places. Keep it up!

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