It’s clear that Takura is not slowing down or stopping for ANYONE in his way. Since the epic release of Zino Irema, which shook the Zim music industry, Takura has made it a point to milk every opportunity that has come his way. Now he has recently dropped the video to his follow up single, MaObama, from the Stripped EP. 

The video deviates from ‘the typical’ Zim rapper video where they try to show girls and cars. He goes for grit and chooses the very unlikely Machipisa Bus Terminus in Highfield as one of the locations for MaObama. The great bit is that it goes so well with the song to show that we all have dreams regardless of where we come from and one of the things we all want is to make money to live a comfy life. Kudos to the video director for giving this one a golden touch. I could go on about the video but best you just watch it!

Such has his impact on Zim Hip Hop that some caught offence in that he was ‘just another good singer who decided to rap’. That is so far from the truth. Takura has music in him but he is a bloody good rapper at that. He so seamlessly stitches together his Zimboness with trap beats that would knock any renowned producer to their knees with respect. It is what it is. Regardless of what you might think of Takura, he is the man to beat of anyone that is making music the youth want to hear. 

If Zino Irema did not sell you to that, MaObama will. 

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