I will try to keep this one short even if there is lots to say. Zim female MCs are generally few and far between compared to the male counterparts but for the ones that are present in the game, they are doing exciting things. Below is a list, in no particular order, of 7 very exciting Zimbabwean female hip hop prospects for years to come. This is not an exhaustive list but it has those MCs making visible moves in 2017 thus far

Blac Perl


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There are those few individuals who just have it. When you hear them do their thing, you know it’s real. Blac Perl has that thing. Her talent is unquestionable on the mic especially when she is rapping (she’s also a presenter and actress apparently). It comes as no surprise that her strength lies in punchlines and delivery when you realise that she works with one of the Zim kings of punchlines, Noble Stylz a.k.a Papa. If she takes time to focus on her music career she could become a much bigger force to reckon with as time goes.
Here is a link to my favourite Blac Perl song called ‘Bho Zvekuti’




In the last couple of years Dice a.k.a Denice Edwards has been working really hard to get her name and product out there. That being said, Dice is no newbie to the Zim music industry. She was one of the first artists during the days Urban Grooves became a thing having collaborated with Roki on the popular song ‘Rock’. From there she took a long break. Her hiatus was in part because she has plenty of things going on outside music such as being co-founder of audiovisual company Invision Studios. Lately, besides the fact that she can rap, her videos are something to talk about because compared to most other Zim artists she has put considerable effort to attain a certain level of quality which is right up there with the best. 
Here is one of Dice’s new offerings






This Zim MC is talented and going places! Radio Fiend a.k.a Farai Makoni has been around for some years now, with excellent material available online. She is regarded as one of Africa’s best talents. Testament to that is when she featured on Coke Studio ZA in 2015 which brings together some of the continent’s very best artists and producers to bring refreshing sounds to the Motherland. That alone makes for a great addition to a CV that is already filling up quick.
Here is RadioFiend’s top notch video for ‘The One’



Kikky Badass


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Girl has it going on! When I first heard a Kikky Badass verse on the Marcus Mafia song ‘Hatiterere’ I thought she had potential and wanted to hear more before I could rate her talents. She answered the call by releasing a scorching diss track called ‘Strive Masiyiwa’ which features my favourite MC from Zim right now, Cal_Vin. It was a lethal dose of metaphors and punchlines directed at Tiara Baluti. A few days back she released sizzling hot visuals for her song Body Conversations, which might not be classified as a hip hop track but is worth checking out. She is growing from strength to strength and has the persona to stand the test of time.
This song mhani, par car e par





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Imagine being that one Zimbabwean artist who has been on the legendary Vice documentary ‘Noisey’? That’s AWA for you! She is well-traveled which has resulted in creating a formidable name for herself as a female Zimbabwean hip hop artist. Besides having crazy amounts of energy, she always embraces her Ndebele culture in more than just her raps but also in appearance. It adds to the uniqueness of what she offers. You don’t get anything pretentious from AWA, something that makes her very likable!
Here is her Noisey documentary



Nadia Nakai


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I remember some years back when Nadia Nakai was grinding hard to get her name out there. Some people hated and said she was a ‘wannabe’. Guess who’s laughing now? Nadia Nakai Kandava is signed to Cassper Nyovest’s Family Tree label and her name is all over the continent. She has worked with some of the best talents in Africa such as Ice Prince while building a solid repertoire for her career. Her videos? International. Outside that Nadia can spit and is very charismatic. It is without doubt that she deserves her place as one of the hardest working artists around and is one of our most marketable artists as a country.
Video for possibly her biggest single to date



Tkay Maidza


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Zim’s most successful female MC on the international front without question. Australia-based and partially raised, Tkay Maidza is young, versatile and incredibly talented. She is a world-renowned artist and performer having toured plenty of countries by the tender age of 20. She won Best New Artist at the Rolling Stone Awards Australia in 2015. Tkay was also nominated for Best International Act at the BET Awards 2016 and Best Australian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2016. This girl is INTERNATIONAL. 
Here is a her video for ‘Carry On’ feat Killer Mike



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