Regardless of what you might think of him or his music, one thing is for sure, Mudiwa Hood works hard to get his product to market. That and some really smart moves to complement, makes what he does interesting such that if you don’t care for the music, you still want to know what Mudiwa Hood is up to.

Only a few months ago he dropped a visually stunning music video for Slaying and now he is back with a DVD album called Street Preacher which has 7 tracks and his own app built by Harare-based company Ennovate Systems. If you have any exposure to app production you know that it is quite time and finance-heavy. It makes this development quite impressive to say the least and it makes me wonder, how did he make that happen? At this point the app is more of a promotional tool for this new release using technology to help create buzz. All in all that’s a pretty good strategy if you ask me, stand out, not fit in. It would be interesting to see how the app develops. I’ll give it time.

Mudiwa Hood app

Mudiwa Hood Android

Mudiwa Hood releases an app

You know when it comes to videos Mudiwa likes to go all out and that goes with his musical persona. All 7 videos are worth the watch and of the lot I really liked the song Munodaira Phone which has a very catchy hook about Jesus always answering the phone when you call. Zvionerei mega! Musically I feel that Mudiwa Hood gets his influences from music that is trending and tried to give his own perspective of it. Hate him or love him, Mudiwa Hood is going to be in this industry for a long time!



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