It’s always great to hear projects from new artists chasing a dream. Often, great things start from the trenches. After listening to Shonaman’s EP titled ‘Rebels’ I can conclude that this is a hip hop gospel project. Shonaman is pretty much a rapper through and through. 

This offering is somewhat testing the waters to gauge reception which is always a good idea when trying to make a name for yourself as an artist. Once you go through the songs on Rebels, one realises that Shonaman is still trying to figure out his true sound. I would have loved to hear him incorporate more of our local languages in this project. I believe that will make his bars more dynamic, add effectiveness to his punchlines and he will find a wider range of comfort to relate to the audience. It goes without saying but also working with a variety of producers and shadowing other successful artists will do great for Shonaman’s career as it progresses.

I see the potential here and it will take some time to see what else Shonaman can do to establish himself as an artist of note. One thing I didn’t quite get is why this project is labelled an ‘EP’ when it has a solid 10 tracks. EPs are typically 3-6 songs long and here, Shonaman has worked hard to deliver something much more.

Check out the Rebels EP below and see if you will like it!


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