With a silky dancehall vibe that is as soft on the ear as cushioned headphones, In the Mix is sure to win the hearts of many. When Kazz and Nutty O teamed up, we knew that the collabo would be one of fireworks, just a matter of what kind. The song is an ode to a beautiful damsel that is torn between staying single or getting with a guy who fancies her. The guy is telling her how much he wants her and that he has no time for games; it’s all about the chemistry they have. On one hand, it’s about principles where the girl seems to have something holding her back and on the other it’s about pursuing something that can ignite the flame of love. What would you do? Get in the mix to explore the unknown or let it all go?

The production is equally as good as the singing which makes for a wonderful composition overall. Kazz knows that he has been a favourite of the Kunakirwa listeners for years now. If you go through our podcast archive we have quite a number of podcasts where his material is featured. I have to give Nutty O some serious props for what he is doing. Before joining Jah Prayzah’s MTM collective, he was already working hard with well-done covers, songs and videos on his YouTube channel. 2017 has proven to be a defining year for the young talent and it is great to see him team up with the Zim industry’s most established artists such as Kazz. I hope to continue hearing more awesomeness from both!

In The Mix is a song I look forward to playing in the car while taking a scenic drive reminscing about young love…

Check out the song below and enjoy!







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