Hillzy is undoubtedly one of the very best Zimbabwean artists out there. Recently confirmed as the new Adidas South Africa street wear ambassador, the Cape Town based Hillary Chipunza is building something epic.

His latest video for Muroora, not only shows great visuals but the song itself is stuff of legends. With a chilled out trap beat accompanied by smooth vocals, the combo just goes hard. If anything, this is one of the songs of the year without question. The video shows a love story blossoming where guys sees girl and knows there and then that he wants her to be in his life forever. As time goes she warms up to his advances. Eventually the couple go all the way much to the joy of friends and family. What I loved about this video is that the emphasis was on telling a story that goes with the song. HD videos are great but a storyline to match is even better! The video is expertly shot and the colour grading is consistently spot on throughout. This one is a must hear song and a must see video. I encourage any budding Zim artists to take a page from this book. Shine Hillzy, shine!

Check out the video below: //youtu.be/IOBuSuljLR0



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