When it comes to punchlines there are very few MCs that can hold a candle to Noble Stylz. Not only are his lyrics very intriguing, his delivery is excellent and relateable. ‘Papa’ has a new album on the way and he dropped the lead single off this upcoming offering called ‘Problem’. The song is a PROBLEM!!!!

I love getting excited over music and that feeling doesn’t manifest itself often in a world where music is so easy to come by with a plethora of songs to choose from. Noble Stylz gave me every reason to be excited with this new single. Problem is an outstanding track and when it comes to picking a lead single for an album, Noble Stylz could not have done any better. 

The track looks at our human tendencies to analyse situations attempting to diagnose the causative factors. From a Zimbabwean perspective, the song goes as far as referencing the common ‘problem ndeyekuti…’ take on the issues that affect us. The subject matter ranges from politics, music, religion to social relations. No stone is left unturned.

What I love about this track is it makes you truly listen. You bop your head because you can relate to what Noble Stylz is saying. Unogutsurira in agreement. This is nothing to take away from the wonderful production by Fun F but the wordplay by Noble Stylz is a standout for me. More importantly, the subject matter is the tracks shine. If you are looking for an egotrip, club track… look elsewhere. So many musicians shy away from taking on the real problems that affect vanhu day by day. This song will shake the game because Noble dares to be different from the rest while playing to his strength: lyricism. It gives Zim Hip Hop a great perspective on how to connect with the masses through issues we all know and understand. Better yet, incorporating one of our beautiful local languages.

I would love to see a video done for this track!

You have every reason to enjoy this one, it’s worth every minute.



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