So… every year there is the usual “Winky D apera” talk… which to be fair has been a yearly occurrence for nearly a decade now so some of us have learnt to ignore. He has had his missteps here and there, however, one thing Winky D knows how to do is bounce back when some have written him out. I cannot remember any year for the last 10 that we haven’t had a Winky D hit song. If you can prove me wrong, leave a comment or message me or whatever.

Now I know, he’s had a pretty good year with Ngirozi and gets far more props for his live performances but did you see what he has just done? Have you seen the video for Winky D’s latest song Paper Bag?



Now let that sink in. Or better yet, watch it again. Firstly, have you ever in your wildest dreams considered Winky D on a trap vibe? Secondly, even if you have, did you even think that he could be THIS GOOD on that kinda vibe? Let me tell you what I love about this song:

  • Winky D continues to be different and he is winning

  • Zimdancehall/Mangoma will be wondering WTF just happened

  • Zim Hip Hop will be wondering WTF just happened

  • Man got bars for days

  • Y’all seen that video???

This is how you remind people who is the king.

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