It’s fantastic coming across talent from the country that I wasn’t previously aware of. That warms my heart because it reminds me of how much awesomeness Zim has within its people. With all our differences, issues and problems, we still have those amazing people that shine doing what they are good at. Millicent might be fairly new in the Zim music industry having released her first solo song in 2016 but don’t let that give you feelings of doubt about what she can do.

Millicent’s delivery on the mic is quite seasoned and Heartstrings, her latest 2018 EP, is a great way to discover the kind of versatility she posseses. From smooth, Afrobeats headboppers to dancey, house-inspired jams where she vocally bosses her way to your attention, Millicent has it all in her arsenal. The comfort exhibited in switching between various languages such as Ndebele, Shona, Zulu and English gives her a unique edge over other similarly talented Zimbabwean (and African vocalists). It might be a unique selling point for her especially across the boarder of Southern African states.

To say the least she has the potential makings of a true musical heavyweight and all it will take is for the stars to align properly just once for her. From there, if she continues working hard and grows a good team around her, she will be challenging the best of the best on the continent. I look forward to hearing more of what Millicent has in store. It’s not often you find a new talent with this kind of potential. 

Without giving too much away, below is a link to this surprisingly refreshing EP. It’s worth your while: 



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