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Hosted by Chyll and MJ from inception, with the introduction of the awesomely charismatic Candie K in 2011, Radio Kunakirwa was the only 100% Zim music podcast online facilitating the growth of Zim music to the people of the nation. Back in those days the show/crew  was known as ‘XBC Jumpoff’. Please don’t ask us what it means. Hatizivi. Anyhoo… the podcast came about as an idea to connect fans and artists alike as a way of bridging the gap between mainstream media and geographical limitations with a considerable number of Zimbos living overseas. People missed home and what better way to (re)connect with your homeland than music? Radio Kunakirwa became the platform to hear the best and latest music while getting information on who the artists were, their location, how to get hold of them and their music. When the podcast commenced, Zim music was transforming its identity thanks to the growth of the Urban Grooves genre that had begun sowing seeds after the turn of the millennium. This worked well with the flexibility of podcasts; you could listen to them at anytime, anywhere. It was a step ahead in technology for Zim music fans compared to having to wait for your favourite show at a particular time to be broadcast on radio.

At the height of the show, Radio Kunakirwa commanded a religious following with around 11,000 show downloads a month. To date it remains the most successful Zim music podcast in history.

In 2011 the team decided to call it quits after 100 podcasts produced. We tried to ignore it for a while but owing to financial constraints (cost of production vs financial remuneration), it had to be done. Although this proved to be an unpopular decision among listeners, it was one of those necessary ‘life things’. Sometimes life simply happens. It was really tough. This baby of ours was all we had known for over 5 years at the time. We missed it a whole lot though, and decided to do a few more podcasts in 2012 and 2013 (6 in total). Guess it was a way to cope with the loss…

Would we do it again? Yes, if it becomes financially viable. For now… enjoy the journey (again) with us. We are super proud of what we managed to achieve.

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