The team brings you the first interview of 2009 of a long list lined up as we get to familiarise our listeners with their favourite entertainers from the country. Today’s guest is music producer and engineer Anthony Mukanga a.k.a Tony G. He is the man behind the success of artists like Nasty Trixx, Madiz, Akili, Unique, Souls of Africa, Abisha Makombe and more. A man full of life, living a dream at the helm of the music industry at the moment celebrating 11 songs in the Top 100 of 2008 charts on PowerFM. Listen to what he has to say…

1. Tony G & DJ Tula – Bata Musoro (Single, 2003)
2. Nasty Trix – Chimoko ChiDanger ft C-Blud (Kupinda Newe, 2004)
3. Madiz – Amina ft Abisha Makombe (Bhodho Size 1, 2006)
4. Po’Zee & Skhu – Hamba Nobani
5. MayJ – Unodei (2 Piecer) ft Mr Fix & C-Blud (Picatto Era, 2004)
6. Abisha Makombe – Ndire Ndire ft Yoko T (Bhomba, 2008)
7. Madiz – Kazevezeve ft Abisha Makombe (Rhumba Plus, 2007)
8. Souls of Africa – Lolita (Bhodho Size 3, 2008)

Check out some videos below:
Abisha Makombe – Ndire Ndire ft Yoko T
(Song produced by Tony G, video edited & directed by Tony G)

Madiz – Kazevezeve
(Song produced by Tony G)

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