One of Zimbabwe’s pioneer urban music talents still going strong in 2011 and he tells us a bit about himself and we go through a musical journey. Zimbabwean music has grown from strength to strength and Ngonie Kambarami is one individual who has taken the urban grooves genre of Zim music to dizzy heights. Zimbabwe music at it’s best!

1. Live Studio Acoustic (Sonora Studios 2011)
2. Wakaenda (Ndinoimba 2002)
3. Angela (Angu Mashoko 2004)
4. Kana Ndinewe ft B.G & Mugo (Still 2011)
5. Kuchema Purezha (Idenderedzwa 2007)
6. Wobvira (Still 2011)
7. Thembie (Idenderedzwa 2007)
8. Ndinoda Iwewe Live Studio Acoustic (Sonora Studios 2011 from Still album)

Arranged and Produced by Ahsayn The Beatmaker

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