In what is our most exciting interview yet, we have Shayndingz of the Letter To My Ex fame on the show. By all means not new to the industry having churned out hit songs from 2003 & now currently riding on the success of the smash ‘Iwe Ndiwe’ featuring Ngoni Kambarami. Shayndingz is full of life & is very entertaining. Having heard of his beef with Stunner for over 3 years, making it one of the most bitter, long standing feuds in the industry, Shayndingz finally speaks for THE VERY FIRST TIME about what really happened between him & Mr ‘Dhaf Korera’.

Check out some Shayndingz videos below:
Celebrity Remix ft Diana & Maskiri

Ndoda Iwe ft Blush

Tipei Mawoko – Ngoni, Jerrie, Maskiri & Shayndingz

Songs played during the interview(in order):

  • It’s A Party ft Roki, Nyasha & Dergz (Rudo Rwedu, 2004)
  • Nzwisisa ft Blush (Chigutiro Phase 1, 2005)
  • Letter To My Ex ft Nyasha (Rudo Rwedu, 2004)
  • Rudo Rwedu Part II ft Cindy Raw (Backstage, 2007)