Just takin it easy today with a selection from our Zim music collection… a few fresh jams, some classics, urban grooves, sungura, ragga, hip hop… today it’s all there. Call it a little warm up for some new things to come as time unfolds. Thanx to everyone who takes time to listen, it’s much appreciated. More music, more fun for everyone. Hope you all enjoy!

  1. Midnight News – J-Boss & Jnr Brown
  2. Ndanakirwa – Madiz
  3. Kusasa Newe ft Jnr Brown – Stunner
  4. Celebrity Remix ft Maskiri & Diana – Shayndingz
  5. Masalala – Top Shatta All Stars
  6. Wandinodisisa ft MacDee, Willox & Picnic – Trinta
  7. Kundishainira – Dubbie Benzie
  8. Bhutsu – Winky D
  9. Respect Due ft B.Sun – Da Rhyme Pugalist
  10. Damn Shame – Fame Nickles (produced by Rymez)
  11. I Never Thought That – Rus-tla
  12. We Gon Ball – Chamhembe
  13. Jatropha – Dino Mudondo
  14. Teacher ft Potato – Andy Brown
  15. Ndiani Apisa Moto – Nyami Nyami Sounds