Valentine’s Day is over and done with (aren’t we glad it is! … fellaz that is 🙂 ) we still decided to do a show with the love theme dedicated to the people around the globe with a few twisted topics slotted in like overspending and being left penniless all for the sake of love. The most romantic day of the year can be very financially traumatising for some of us. Been there, done that…

  1. Destiny – Malaika
  2. Mazirudo ft Adonis – ExQue
  3. Rudo Chete – Marshall Munhumumwe
  4. Chibvukubvuku ft Ell-T & Nesto – Alexio
  5. Kubhawa(Get Down Riddim) – Barry Changa
  6. Wanga – Afrika Revenge
  7. Kana Uchema – Yvonne Chaka Chaka
  8. Hapana Chandinoshora ft Taurai – Wigo
  9. ChiDanger ft CBlud – Nastie Trixx
  10. Anodyiwa Haataure – System Tazvida