For the very first XBC Jumpoff podcast, XBC brings some of the biggest Hip Hop singles that graced the stage in the 90s in Zimbabwe. Some of you may be familiar with these songs and others may not but history defines where we started to get to where we are. Something jus to vibe to, musical education for some, memories for others…


  1. Back In The Days – B.Sun & Karizma
  2. The Megamix – Zimbabwe Legit
  3. Inauguration – Kingpinn
  4. They Don’t Call Me – Mr Slimes
  5. Dzimbaremabwe – V.O.L.U.M.E
  6. All The Areas – Mizchif
  7. Mau Mau(Chivanhu ’98 ) – Mau Mau
  8. Sands of Time – Nota of the Razvi Clan
  9. I Salute You – Kingpinn
  10. Vadzimu – Peace of Ebony
  11. Day & Night – Kataklyzim