In a largely male dominated music industry at times the ladies aren’t given a fair stand for the immense talent they have. Today we are all about fair play and honour the Zimbabwean female artists. Hopefully we can all get to know more about the talented ladies in Zim and celebrate the steps they have taken to make it. Guaranteed Part 2 will have more! Love and Respect…

  1. Is It Possible – Gumiso
  2. Rudo Rwako ft Blackberry & Madiz – Diana Samkange
  3. Nyembesi – Kuchinei Chitsama
  4. Mama – Sandra Ndebele
  5. True Love – Busi Ncube
  6. I Care For You – Clara Sisya
  7. Baba – Aleta Kawara
  8. Ndini Chipo – Chipo
  9. Ndiani (Yorira!!!) ft Lenny Mapfumo – Christine
  10. On A Day Like This ft John Jay – Kudzai Sevenzo
  11. Mukomana Iwe (Remix) – Tia
  12. I Will Survive – Cindy Raw
  13. Nguye Dali Wam’ – Cammellita Gumbo
  14. My Fire – Sharron
  15. Passion So Devine – Diatra
  16. Diet Song ft Craig – Cynthia Mare
  17. Rhumba yeAfrika ft Sam Mtukudzi – Chengetai
  18. Urombo ft Revolution – Chiwoniso(The Collaboration)